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Pattabhi Agro Foods Private Limited

We’re an award winning company based in east godavari district, Andhra Pradesh. We have a style — we have standards.

"Pattabhi Agro Foods Private Limited" is engaged in paddy purchases, processing, milling and grading of rice and its bi-products. It primarily concentrate on processing and trading of agri commodities. Each of this activity is being handled by us with the most care. We are one of the largest exporters in Indian Rice from South India.

Pattabhi Agro Foods Private Limited was established at Velpur, West Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh during the year 1998.

Andhra Pradesh, situated in South India, forms a part of South coast of India and connected with Orissa and Chattisgarh states. The three states jointly put together, treated as the rice bowl of India since it covers 60% of the total production of paddy/rice in India. Kakinada, a port city is one of the largest ports in India for handling the Agri commodities exports to various countries viz. Africa, Bangladesh, Srilanka and The Middle East.

The export of Rice is mainly out of Kakinada, since it is logistically advantageous for the exporters to procure the material from the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Chatisgarh. The popular Non Basmati Rice mainly the varieties of IR 64 (long grain) and MTU-1001 (medium grain) are being exported from this port. Though an anchorage port, the daily load rates have been over 2000 Mts per day, with a negligible vessel waiting delays.

We are one of the Largest Rice Exporters from South India exporting the Rice from Kakinada/ Visakhapatnam/ Krishnapatnam/ Chennai Ports. We are exporting 5 lakh tons of Rice from Kakinada port per year. We are also shipping by containers from Visakhapatnam/ KrishnaPatnam/ Chennai ports. The rice is mainly exporting from Kakinada port through break bulk shipment. The total shipment from Kakinada port is 20 lakhs tons per year."

We have our local brand LOHITHA to cater to all south Indian states. From Andhra Pradesh 5 Lakhs tons of rice is moved to Kerala every year by road and rail. The cost of transportation is more than 5% of the cargo Cost.


A wonderful journey has taken possession of our entity, like these sweet achievements which we enjoy with skaling heights.
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